How To Create Your Own Seduction Scent

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There are many ways to seduce a man. Some use charm while others rely on the outfit. One thing that always works even in a crowded room is the scent that is sprayed on a woman’s body.

For this to work, the person has to figure out which scent works best. This can only be done by walking into a store and trying the various bottles that are on display.

Instead of just smelling it, it is best to apply this on the skin. This is because the contents of each bottle will react differently to one’s natural chemicals.

Since it is hard to distinguish one smell from the other after a few trials, the person should stop and smell some coffee beans first so the nose will be sensitive once again to the other products.

The rule of thumb when selecting the perfume is that those who have dry skin should use one that has a strong scent. Those who are oily should use something lighter in order for it to last for a few hours.

Since women use various creams to keep the body healthy, it is best to check if this will have a negative reaction when these are mixed. Those who do should change this to the same brand as the perfume that can be purchased separately or in a traveler’s kit.

Another tip to seduce the man will be to use unscented toiletries so the focus will be on the perfume that was sprayed on.

The perfume being used might be expensive on the woman’s budget. There is a cheaper alternative and that is by coming up with one that is custom made.
For this to work, the customer will have to buy the essential oils and know the importance of each one. These are divided into three namely called the top, middle and base notes.

These are derived from plant extracts that are also used by perfume manufacturers. The person has the option of creating a scent similar to that favorite perfume or make one up that is much better.

After getting all the ingredients, this is the time that these will be mixed with together. The person should not throw everything in at once. This should be done drop by drop so the woman will be able to smell it and see how it does.

When the right mix has been made, the person should stop and add the bridge note and the alcohol. It will take time for the contents to settle down so this should be stored somewhere for the next 48 hours.

The last part about making your own perfume will be adding some water and then filtering this to make sure there are no solid contents. This practice is also being done by perfume manufacturers to make sure it is pure.

Some perfumes may stain when this is sprayed on clothes. Since it is hard to tell if the homemade one will do it, the person should spray this on the skin before putting anything on.

These places should include the wrists, behind the neck and ears, around the joints from the elbows to the knees and of course on one’s chest.

The nice thing about custom-made perfume is that this can’t be bought from the store making the item and the man exclusively the woman’s.


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