“My Man Can Cheat On Me, That’s Not A Deal Breaker” Reality Star Amara La Negra

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Amara La Negra has become quite popular since her debut on Love & Hip Hop Miami. She recently appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show where she gave her thoughts on relationships and infidelity.

She told the listeners:
“God forbid I were to be with a man, and he were to cheat or be with another woman. As long as I don’t know about it…what can I tell you? If I find my man and my man cheats on me, and I’ve invested time in you, and I gave you all of this, I don’t think I would just leave you. So I’m going to leave you so some other b***h can have you? [Laughs] Not! You’re going to wash it up and stay right here. You’re going to suffer with me.”

Cheat Reality Star

She continued:
“How do you think relationships last 50, 40 years? C’mon. So if you were to do it, I’m not going to let you go. I’ll let you go when I feel I’m ready.”
The singer said that with some men cheating is a mistake as opposed to a habit. She added that if he’s been a good partner despite slipping up, she doesn’t see infidelity as a deal breaker.

She said:
“Honestly, I feel there are really good men out there. If you mess up one time, I don’t know, twice or something like that and you really are a good man, you’ve been good to me through the good and the bad, I don’t think because you [indecipherable], I should let you go. I would think about it. I’m going to make you miserable for a while, know that.”

She however stated that infidelity that leads to a child with someone else is a deal breaker.

“That’s it,” she said. “That’s too much.”


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