Leaving the un-Islamic haircuts of those who attended Buhari’s sons wedding is hypocrisy – Reno Omokri

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In Reno Omokri’s recent instagram post, he said, hypocrisy is when Kano Hisbah cuts off the un-Islamic hair cut of the poor. I.e, it is hypocrisy when someone treats the rich differently from how they treat the poor.

It could be recalled that personnel of Hisbah police in Kano forcibly shaved off the hair of some youths in the state for being un-Islamic, and young men were also punished for dressing in ways the officials consider to be offensive to Islam.

Reno Omokri fulminated against the way Kano Hisbah cuts off the un-Islamic haircut of the poor, but leave the un-Islamic haircuts of those that attended president Muhammadu Buhari’s son’s wedding.

Obviously, Reno Omokri is not against Kano Hisbah police disciplinary actions towards indecent dressing but he wants them to treat the poor the same way the rich is being treated.

Reno Omokri also posted a picture that surfaced during Yusuf Buhari’s wedding. The man in the picture wore a suit with dreadlock hair style. it is obvious that Reno Omokri posted this picture to back his claim


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