US Authorities Arrests Nigerian Who Hacked Server To Give Family & Friends US Citizenship

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A 29-year old Nigerian, Abaeze Atuche is currently in the custody of US authorities after he allegedly hacked into the servers of the US government and gave his family and friends permanent citizenship in the US.

Atuche was said to have hacked the U.S.A’s Homeland Security online site and gave all members of his family and 15 of his friends’ permanent American citizenship.

Naija News understands that he is among the 80 Nigerians arrested for various scam activities by the U.S government.

The US government is currently processing the deportation of all 33 people who got their citizenship as a result of Atuche’s hack.

How he pulled it off still remains a mystery but sources say his skills are unbelievable.

“The US government online network is impregnable but this guy proved it otherwise. If he was not arrested I don’t think there was ever going to be an investigation on how his family members got their citizenship,” a statement read.

Abaeze Atuche is only 29 and the hacking started five years ago when he was only 24-years-old. He entered the US using a fake American passport in 2013 and never left. By 2016 his big family and 15 of his Nigerian friends were permanent US citizens


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