Taliban kill district governor despite truce

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Taliban fighters have killed a district governor in northern Afghanistan amid more clashes elsewhere despite the start of a government ceasefire, officials said.

The governor of Kohistan district in Faryab was killed along with eight others in an ambush overnight, provincial governor spokesman Javed Bedar confirmed to Al Jazeera.

Bedar said that Taliban had successfully pushed in to the district centre.

“If the Taliban attack us, we need to defend ourselves.” he said. “The battle is on-going as we have asked for immediate reinforcements.”

Intense fighting was also reported between Afghan security forces and Taliban gunmen in the northern provinces of Faryab and Sari Pul, with officials reporting an unspecified number of casualties on both sides.

The attacks follow Taliban announcement on Saturday that their fighters would stop attacking Afghan security forces for the first three days of Eid, the holiday that ends the holy month of Ramadan and starts later this week.


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