South Africa Calls For Urgent Meeting Of Ambassadors Over Xenophobia Attack

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Over the recent attack of foreigners in Durban, South Africa’s foreign minister, has called for an urgent meeting with ambassadors.

According to reports, three people were reported killed amid protest targeted at shops, which are owned by foreigners.

BBC had reported that more than 50 persons sought for shelter at a police station in the country when unemployed South Africans forced them out of their homes in the night.

A report into the incident had revealed that the foreigners were attacked due to a claim that they had taken jobs from locals.

Some small food shops were attacked on Sunday by about 100 people and properties were taken away and burning of the buildings also took place.

A woman was reported dead after she fell through a roof while she was trying to escape from protesters.

Another two people died from gunshot wounds, allegedly inflicted by a shopkeeper.

The attack on the foreigners saw a large number of them seek for shelter in mosque and police station.

The minister of international relations and co-operation, Lindiwe Sisulu, called on the police to act against people targeting foreigners.

“All criminal activities and looting of properties of foreign nationals will not be tolerated‚ and the police and other law-enforcement agencies must act without fear or favour,”

Some people complain about foreigners working in South Africa where unemployment is painfully high standing at more than 27 percent at the end of last year.

Xenophobia against migrants from other African countries is not new in South Africa.


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