Niger Rep. Protest Against Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets Over Player With Expired Passport.

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The Niger Republic tabled a formal protest to West African Football Union (WAFU) after their 2-1 loss to Nigeria on Wednesday, alleging that one of the Eaglets, Adam Mustapha, played with an expired passport and was ineligible for the competition.

The Officials at the ongoing West African Football Union (WAFU) have dismissed the call to disqualify the Under-17 national football of Nigeria from the ongoing tournament in Niger Republic.

Officials of WAFU on Thursday also said the Golden Eaglet will play the Saturday’s final match against Ghana, and the Nigerian team is at liberty to field P – No 15 player- for the match as against the protest by the host country.

The officials in their response said the protest lacked merit.

“Mustapha had been cleared for the competition earlier on, when he was listed for the Eaglets’ opening group game against Burkina Faso.

“We can confirm that the Saturday’s final match will be between Nigeria and Ghana.  ” the official said.

Surprisingly Mustapha was not dressed for the semi final game despite being listed for its opening match against Burkina Faso. No reason was given for this.

Nigeria will now face arch rival Ghana in the final scheduled for Saturday at 7:pm while Niger and Cote DÍvoire for the bronze feat match.



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