Our weapons superior to Boko Haram terrorists’, says Army

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The Nigerian Army on Wednesday responded to insinuations and claims it was using obsolete weapons to fight Boko Haram terrorists in the Northeast.

It dismissed such claims as part of the on-going propaganda campaigns against the military.

The army said it would continue to fight the insurgents until the battle is won irrespective of all challenges.

Its response was however contained on its social media pages to counter series of videos in circulation at recent times alleging that soldiers were bitterly complaining in respect of their welfare and equipment handed them to fight the insurgents.

“Boko Haram terrorists are not better equipped than the Nigerian Army.

“Nigerian Army is the pride of the nation,” the army said on one of its social media pages.

In a recent video following the Metele attacks, a soldier had lamented: “Many of our men have died. We have to go home. If Nigeria is ready, they can call us back to fight those idiots (terrorists).

“But we do not have adequate weapons to fight them. We are going home to be with our families. Weapons make a soldier. Without weapons, you are not a soldier.”

But the army maintained that such claims were untrue, insisting that its men were given superior weapons to fight the terrorists.

“Fake news, false publication, hate speech and terrorist propaganda cannot deter our resolve from protecting our nation. No retreat, no surrender. Victory is sure,” it asserted


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