How I Felt Reading Messages Between My Husband And His Mistress – Lady

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A lady has taken to Twitter to open up on how she felt upon discovering the messages between her husband and his mistress.

How I felt reading messages between my husband and his mistress - Lady

According to the lady, the experience is something she doesn’t wish anyone to have, because the messages detailed their sexual life and how they did it every time they go on trips together.

Sharing, the lady revealed how disappointed she was at her husband whose moral compass she held in high-esteem.

Reading the explicit messages between my husband and his mistress is an experience I would not wish on anyone. I basically discovered that they’ve been hooking up on all their work trips since last fall, and meeting together secretly since she moved here.

The proof I found was on his old phone, dating from October to December of last year (until he got a new phone) Everything from sexual images to detailed descriptions of times they’ve met for sex.

The depth of his capacity for deception honestly disturbs me more than the actual cheating. I didn’t believe he was capable of lying like this. I had utmost faith in his moral compass and good judgement.
He proved me wrong.


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