Masa (Wayna) Recipe

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Preparation Methods of Masa (Wayna)
Get one (1) mudu of white rice, then boil half for some time and soak half. Mix together and grind, then leave for twelve hours.

If you are to fry it – you add yeast 30 minutes before the frying, pound pepper, cut onions and put the casco (frying pan for frying masa) on the fire.

Casco is of different sizes some are 6, 8 and 12 cups.

Drop your oil in the casco pot, then mix the quantity that you want to fry at that time with sugar and little salt and stir very well then put the normal measurement in the cup and start frying.

Best served with groundnut soup (Mia Geda) with little Yakwa leaf or Yaji or salt.


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