Kunun Aya “Tigernuts Milk” recipe

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When the libido of the husband and wife doesn’t match, that is, when one is higher than the other, there can be conflict, since they might never to be able to satisfy each other’s sexual desire. Libido boosters are there for a reason, which is why we are introducing the most natural libido booster of all times; tiger nuts drink! Popularly called tiger nut drink, aka kunun aya gets you or your man in the mood for sex, why not try it out. Here’s how to make it;


Tiger Nut, known as Aya in Hausa, Ofio in Yoruba, Aki Hausa in Igbo and Hausa’s groundnut in Pidgin is one of the most powerful ancient food sources known in humanity and used traditionally to stimulate sexual arousal, treatment of weak erection, premature ejaculation in men, and boosting of breast milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

• 2 cups Tiger Nuts
• 1 medium Ginger
• 10 Dates
• 1 Coconut

  1. Soak the tiger nuts in clean water Overnight. if you are using the dry tigernuts, you’d need to soak it overnight to get re-hydrated and swells a little.
  2. Rinse the soaked tigernuts and place in a blender. Remove the seeds from the dates, wash and place in the blender. peel and place the flesh in the blender also. Add the skinned ginger, a little water and blend.
  3. With a Pap/Cheese cloth, strain the milk into a bowl. The first milk strained would be thick. Place the chaff back into the blender , add some more water, blend & strain again till the whole milk is extracted. The subsequent milk strained would be lighter than the first. It’s always better not to make the kunun aya too light.
  4. Place the extracted milk drink in a refrigerator to chill up.
  5. Serve cold!


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