World’s Fittest Nurse’ Reveals Her Secret That Helps Her Stay In Shape.

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The ‘World’s fittest nurse’ has spoken about the one thing missing from her home that helps her stay in shape. Paige Mills, 24, trains for two hours a day despite countless hours spent on a busy ward where she works as an emergency nurse.

The super-fit, from Melbourne, Australia, says men are surprised when they find out she can lift more than them.

Paige has worked as a registered nurse for three years since graduating, also working with patients in rehabilitation which has fulfilled her goal of having an impact on other peoples’ lives.

Although she is incredibly busy at work, Paige thrives off the chaos and feels that the constant busyness is what keeps her mind and body stimulated.

Paige first found her love for fitness when she finished her nursing degree which made her feel inactive, making her want to burn off energy in the gym. Now, Paige works out for five or six days a week, for two hours each day.

Her dedicated fitness regime is all thanks to Paige not owning a TV aerial at home which means she has plenty more time to work out because she doesn’t watch any television.

Through nursing, Paige has learnt to appreciate her fitness as she deals with patients who may never even walk again. Even during long periods of consecutive night shifts Paige manages to maintain her fitness regime as she can squat 155kg and deadlift 152kg.

“At first I wanted to get a degree for the self-actualisation of doing it, but I decided I wanted to do something where I could have an impact on people’s lives instead,” said Paige.

“I’ve also tried out hospitality, driving trucks, being a dancer and a builder’s labourer, but then I found nursing and I also do some fitness modelling now too.



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