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A big breasted woman loses her large boob during her inking session at a tattoo parlour.

The 25-year-old girl identified as Mint, reportedly put on balloons in the hopes of promoting her boyfriend’s tattoo house.

According to the owner of the shop and tattooist, Feist, said:

He said, “Mint had put the balloons on for fun to promote my shop. I did not think it would get this much attention.”

The video footage shows a woman with 34J breasts showing off a weird party trick.

Samanta Lily, who hails from Russia, is known to use her ample assets to pop open buttons on her shirt, by simply flexing her chest.

The 27-year-old model seems to have found her 15 minutes of fame after the video clip was shared on Facebook by Models Place.

The footage was captioned: “She’s got some real power there.”

Samanta says that her huge 24j breasts are all natural. She claimed that her boobs were already DD size at the age of 15.

The video which has been viewed thousands of times has garnered comments.


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