Singer Skales denies mum because of her level of poverty

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Singer Skales opened up on his difficult childhood. The singer revealed that growing up was a tough for him and how he had to sleep with his mother in a shopping complex.

The Shake Body singer exposed how he had denied him mother on several occasions in the past. The singer who said he does not know what his father looked like as he had left them before he could recognize him said:Read more after cut…

“My mother and I used to sleep in a shopping complex at a time. I am talking about during my primary and secondary school days in Kaduna. Then, the only hope for me was music. At some point, I told my mother I wanted to work and support her. I was chased out of school because I did not pay school fees. I had to steal school uniform because mine was bad and I would tell my mother I saved money for it.”
Things got so bad his mom had to do the laundry of his friends to feed him, He said further:

“Also, my mother would go to my friends’ houses to do their laundry, which was embarrassing to me. I had to deny my mother. I also did not let my friends know where I lived because most of them were children of politicians.”

He came to Lagos and became a star but it was not an overnight turnaround. Getting to Lagos was difficult. Narrating his journey to Lagos he explained:
“When I told my mother I was moving to Lagos, she asked me to finish my university education in Kaduna. But I convinced her I could cope. From Kaduna to Lagos, I got a free ride and the first place I stayed was Orile (Lagos). I lied to the person that gave me free ride that I would stay with him for a couple of days and it turned to months.

He later started a label with some friends; they knew some people but it was not easy.”
The singer who came to Lagos with just three clothes o a free ride has since relocated his mother and transformed her from the penury level to a house owner as he built her a house in 2016.


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