Police tell court how rising Nigerian singer Alizee, her daughter were killed by husband

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– A Chief magistrate court in Yaba area of Lagos has been told that rising Nigerian singer, Zainab Alizee died in the hands of her husband, who hit her head on the wall several times

– This was revealed by a prosecutor, Effiong Asuquo, who also said that Alizee’s husband proceeded to poison his daughter after killing his wife

– Alizee and her daughter were killed in their Banana Island home in Lagos on Thursday, April 5

A prosecutor and chief superintendent of police, Effiong Asuquo on Wednesday, April 11, told a Yaba Chief magistrate’s court, Lagos, what led to the death of rising Nigerian singer, Zainab Alizee and her daughter. He said that the accused hit his wife’s head on the wall several times, leading to her death and then proceeded to poison his daughter.

Drumbeatnews  notes that Asuquo, a prosecutor, alleged that the accused killed Zainab and her daughter in the house.

The prosecutor said: “The accused who was always at loggerheads with his wife had hit her head on the wall several times leading to her death; he also proceeded to poison his daughter.

“He had dragged their lifeless bodies under the gas to create the impression that they suffocated to death as a result of a gas leakage.”

The offences are in contravention with sections 223 of the criminal law of Lagos state, 2015 and carries death penalty. The case was adjourned till May 8.

The crime was initially denied by the accused, who claimed that he woke up to find the bodies in the kitchen and that they could have been suffocated by gas.




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