P’Square: six months after the split, who is a bigger artiste between Mr. P and Rudeboy??

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It’s six months now since the music duo, P’Square parted ways to run their musical career on solo mode, and both have tried their best to shake the industry with a couple of singles and awesome visuals to the songs, which is commendable.

But as we all know, both of them cannot shine at the same frequency except in a very rare case, which can’t be said to be their case. There has to be one who’s shining brighter than the other. Let’s carefully examine them to see who it is.
With “Cool it Down,” “For My Head,” and his most recent project, “Zoom,” Mr. P has indeed cleared everyone’s doubt about his musical prowess and all his music videos are proofs that he can be African Micheal Jackson. Dude can dance!!!
For Rudeboy, the solo music journey has been a smooth one for him. His singles, “Somebody’s Baby,” “Nkenji Keke,” and “Fire-Fire” received maximum acceptance from music lovers nationwide, which somewhat validates his claim of being the lyrical pillar behind Psquare. But that would be a topic for another day. So, let the poll begin!!!
After six months of running their musical career individually, who can be said to be bigger? Peter or Paul??


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