I Get Paid In Millions The Same Body You Haters Body-shame – Biodun Okeowo

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Nollywood yoruba movie actress, Biodun Okeowo has reacted to a comment recently directed to her by a social media user who mocked her body shape.

Drumbeat News understands that a lady had laughed the actress in a comment which described her arm as ‘yam tubers’.

Reacting to the statement, Okeowo condemned the description attributed to her arm, noting that she has received contracts and get paid in millions by brands just to put on their clothes on the same body condemned by some haters.

The Nollywood actress, however, urged ladies to stop the act of body-shaming each other for no reason, adding that women should learn to appreciate themselves however they are.

She wrote: “Good morning guys. I woke to a comment where a lady body shamed me… that my arms look like Isu Ewura (water yam), Jesus! This arms that brands pays millions for to wear their clothes and advertise their business etc
Lord, I’m grateful,”

“Reason for posting this. Ladies let’s stop body shaming. You body shame people with natural body, yet you body shame when they go for surgery. How do we satisfy people?”

“Just satisfy yourself, live your life, do you and don’t seek public validation for anything you want.

“I’ve been bashed and insulted for flaunting my back, but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love. Having said this, ladies please don’t let any haters run you down or body shame you with their gutter mouths.

Okeowo added, “Love yourself in your own skin… I have fat arms that bring fat account balance. I wish you all a blessed day.” 



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