World Cup; Glamorous Russian Ladies Share Stand With Saudi Women In Hijabs. Photos

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Home and away female football fans contrasted enormously as they cheered their teams at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow during Russia’s demolition of Saudi Arabia in the opening game of the World Cup.

In the Russian section of the stadium, many women were pictured wearing crop tops as they smiled into the camera and cheered for their country.

The female Saudi Arabian fans, however, were photographed wearing headscarves and face coverings – with only their eyes visible – in line with the Islamic theocracy’s strict modesty code for women.

Women were permitted to watch football at a stadium in the kingdom for the first time in January.


Russian fans and politicians joined in an outpouring of jubilation as the host nation unexpectedly routed Saudi Arabia 5-0 in the opener.

State television showed throngs of Russians outside Moscow’s main stadium cheering with flags but also stunned by the victory as the hosts are the lowest FIFA ranked team in the tournament.


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