Woman Slams Husband’s Side Chick, But Brother-In-Law Supports Side Chick

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    A Heartbroken Mother of 4 has called out her husband’s sidechick, Who has held her husband captive with Romance, and has made him to forget about his family, According to the woman with the Facebook name Jane Iyke, The Husband has been with the sidechick (Cynthia Chizzy Diochi) in Owerri since he returned from Abroad, That he has forgotten if he has a wife talk more of kids..

    The woman who has been married for 8years said He her stopped paying school fees of the triplets, ever since he walked his way through Cynthia’s kitten, He even took her to their matrimonial home..

    Now here’s the shocking part of the story, As people began Consoling her on Facebook, The husband brother who is also her Brother Inlaw (Prince King Hollywood) commented on the post that she (the wife)will soon be packed out..

    Read the Explosive Drama below!


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