Woman paints picture of unborn baby on canvas using only her menstrual blood

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A woman used nine months’ worth of her menstrual blood to make a painting of a baby.

Using just her fingers and used tampons to create the work, artist Timi Páll created one canvas each month.

Nine months later, the canvases fit together like a puzzle to create her finished piece – titled ‘The Diary of My Period’ – of an unborn child in the womb.

Romanian artist Timi Páll created a massive painting of a baby using her menstrual blood called ‘The Diary of my Period’

Ms Páll, from Oradea, Romania, shared pictures of her work on Facebook saying she’d been inspired to paint with her menstrual blood after realising the ‘value of her period.’

The graphic designer, who freelances as a painter and illustrator, wrote: ‘One drop of experiment and I realize the beauty of the pain, the value of the period, fertilizing my whole being.



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