Two Men Fight Over A Woman On Twitter, It Ends In Tears (Photos)

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    It has ended in tears for one man after he took to Twitter to argue with another over who owns the heart of a beautiful woman after she shared a photo on the platform.
    Ariella captioned the photos: “Lockdown selfies.”
    Twitter user, @Ayoolafelix, hoping to win her heart, reacted to her tweet, writing: “Hi Ariella, I know your feet must be tired. Cause you’ve been running through my mind all day.
    Another man stepped in to lay his claim to the woman, writing: “She’s been resting in my arms all day.
    “Lies,” the first man said.
    And the latter delivered the final punch by releasing proof.
    “Goodnight fam” he captioned a photo of him and the girl cuddling.”


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