See What This Croatian Player Says He Will Do If They Win The World Cup On Sunday.

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Ivan Rakitic claims he will have the World Cup tattooed on his forehead if Croatia defeat France in tomorrow’s final. The Barcelona midfield maestro, who will be playing a world-record 71st game of this season, says his nation is being carried on a tide of patriotic fervour and claims the entire 4.5million population would be here if they could build a stadium large enough.

Rakitic also believes the world is behind his underdog team – even if many in England were not impressed with the lack of grace in some of the Croatian players’ comments after Wednesday’s 2-1 semi-final victory over Gareth Southgate’s men.

But in keeping with his nation’s spirit of excitement, the 30-year-old claimed he’d be willing to retire immediately if he could guarantee Croatia becoming the unlikeliest World Cup winners of all time.

Asked whether he had any space left on his arms for a World Cup tattoo, Rakitic replied: “No but I have space on my forehead. God willing, I’d sacrifice my forehead for a tattoo.

“I have plenty of space there – although I’d have to ask my wife to give the green light for such an idea.

“And I would definitely leave my football boots behind forever on Monday if that was the price I had to pay to win to win for my country.”

On the World Cup fever in Croatia, which has made English ‘Football’s Coming Home’ mania sound like choir practice in a parish church, Rakitic said: “There is joy, togetherness unity, pride.

“I think all of us deserve this. It doesn’t just concern the 23 players, coaching staff and backroom staff, but the 4.5m people back home. If there was a stadium big enough for 4.5m it would be full. “I also have this feeling there will be hundreds of millions of people rooting for us on Sunday.“I have received messages from Argentina, Spain, Germany, from all four corners of the world. This makes me happy.

“People tell me they could never have imagined celebrating our goals as if it were scored by their own country. This means we’ve reached hearts throughout the world. “I think there can be no better feeling than being a Croat.

To reach such a final is the fulfilment of the best possible dream. The best feeling is to be a Croat and this is the source of all our strength.”


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