See the contents of the Royal Wedding gift bag sold for £21,400

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A royal wedding gift bag given to an invitee has sold on Ebay for £21,400, to many people’s astonishment.

Claire Oliver, an HR manager for Troup Bywaters, an engineering consultancy firm which Prince Harry supports, has made a mint.

Meanwhile other Ebay users have been paying £5 just to buy a PDF file of the Order of Service from Meghan and Harry’s big day. But what exactly was in the hessian party bag of Claire’s, which is apparently worth more than some people make in a year?

Contents of the 2018 royal wedding gift bag

Welcome letter from the couple

Souvenir Order of Service card

Plastic bottle of Windsor Castle water


A commemorative ‘spectator’ magnet

Large chocolate coin

A voucher for 20% off the Middle Ward gift shop in Windsor Castle

Claire isn’t the only one to have sold on her royal wedding gifts online, as over 25 people have done so.

The gift bags are in limited supply, but by no means rare, as 1,200 members of the public were invited to watch the procession outside St George’s Chapel, and they will have all been given the same thing.

VIP A-listers who were invited into the wedding and the reception got some very special treatment, and were even provided with slippers to wear when their feet got sore from dancing too much.

Culled from Metro UK


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