See Amazing Transformation Of Lady Once Bullied For Her Crossed Eyes (Photo)

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    A lady who had crossed eyes shares how she used to be bullied, called “Anya 4:30” until she was able to undergo a surgery that transformed her.

    She shared how much being called out for her crossed eyes affected her, how she cried to sleep most nights, hated herself and God until 2016 when she had her surgery.

    Lady bullied for her crossed eyes shares amazing transformation (Photo)

    She shared;

    I remember every other day before February 22nd 2016 and I’m super happy cause God showed out for me.
    The chelsea that everyone referred to as Anya 4:30. A lot of people called me that Even family and each time they did it ate a tiny piece of my heart out.

    wasn’t easy and nobody could even tell cause I was one of the happiest and jovial people you would ever meet but I mostly cried my self to sleep every night cause It was hard. Nobody! I mean nobody ever knew how hard it was for me. I was beginning to hate myself and question God

    But as a normal human being I had my breaking point . If nothing happened at that point I was willing to take my life. While I was in 200level someone jokingly called me that and I stomped out of class and walked straight to my mums office and I broke down. I couldn’t hold it in

    All the anger,sadness and depression I’d been penting up for years my mother got to see it in one day. It broke her heart and she literally started crying with me. It even made me cry more. She called the driver we got to my hostel and headed straight home for a family meeting

    When I got home I unpacked and I started telling my dad everything and how I was always bullied and shamed. My dad isn’t even one to show so much emotions but I could read his expression and it made me cry all over again. He was sad. He asked me what I wanted to do

    And I told him that I wanted get surgery. That I’ve been reading about it and all. He asked me to go back to school and finish the semester that we we would travel in summer and know if we can find other solutions or better alternatives. Summer call me and I went with my dad

    Got there and realized that surgery was my only resort. So he came back to Nigeria and I stayed back and fixed all the doctors appointments and got it done. I had to even defer my admission in uni for one year. I was even willing to do it for seven years or more. I didn’t care

    The family I had abroad was so helpful especially my big sister and it wouldn’t have been possible without her. I came back better, stronger and my confidence level got so boosted eh I didn’t even realize it was that low. Guys this is my story . I’m so thankful to God for every!

    The friends I had pre surgery were so supportive but nobody really knew how I felt. I couldn’t even speak up about it because I felt no one would understand. I saw a tweet about not calling someone with Down syndrome an imbecile and It triggered me.

    We should really try even tho I know it can be hard to always put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Most people that called me those names didn’t even know the effect it had on me. It’s not easy but pls let’s try not to body shame or any kind of shaming at all


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