Possible alien life may be present on Giant Super Earth, researchers say

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A team of researchers, from the University of Montreal in Canada and the University of Texas in the United States have revealed that the Giant Super Earth May possibly host alien life.

The team of researchers say the distant K2-18 star system could be Earth’s scaled up version or Super Earth.


A study by the team revealed that the exoplanet, referred to as K2-18b, is located in a potentially habitable zone from its host star, which makes it a probable candidate for holding surface liquid water.

Surface liquid water is an important element required for hosting any form of life.

Based on the discoveries related to K2-18b so far, it could be an exoplanet that may possibly host extraterrestrial life.

The team which conducted the study with data from the European Southern Observatory, also discovered that the planet has a neighbor. Both exoplanets orbit K2-18, a red-dwarf star in the constellation Leo around 111 light years away.


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