Oh No! Uganda Woman Stabs Her Husband to death for Denying her Sex

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A Ugandan teacher is in police custody for allegedly stabbing her husband to death after he refused to get intimate with her.

24-year-old Harriet Nambi, who is a teacher at a primary school in Kaliro town allegedly stabbed her husband, 25 –year-old Musa Batera for denying her conjugal rights since she gave birth two months ago.

The deceased, Musa had three wives and was the Chairman of Kaliro District BodaBoda Association since 2011. According to a neighbor, Hasifa Babirye, the couple developed issues three days prior following accusations by Nambi that Batera had persistently refused to get intimate with her.​

The suspect had confided in the neighbor that her husband had consistently denied her sex yet she desperately needed it. When Harriet tried to speak sense into asking her to be a little bit patient till she fully heals from the CS wound, the suspect couldn’t hear any of it. She instead said if he continued denying her sex, she would harm him. And harm him she did.

Kaliro District boss, Joseph Kihamba, confirmed the incident saying the suspect had been arrested and would be facing murder charges.


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