NERC Opens Up On When All Nigerian Homes Will Be Able To Have Prepaid Meters

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    Nigeria’s National Electricity Commission (NERC) on Thursday disclosed that all Nigerian homes will have access to prepaid meters by 2020.

    NERC chairman James Momoh made the disclosure on Channels Television ‘Sunrise Daily’ show.

    “With all the mechanisms we have put in place, I am certain that every Nigerian home that wishes to have prepaid meter can have it by 2020,” Momoh said.

    Current Nigeria government claim it is supplying 7000 megawatts of electricity generation, having improved it from 3000 where it was in 2015.

    However, other African countries boast of better electricity supply than Nigeria. South Africa, which has 56 million population compared to Nigeria’s 180 million has a total domestic electricity generation capacity of 51,309 megawatts.

    Momoh stated that the current Muhammadu Buhari led government since 2015 had been working on providing Nigerians with stable and affordable electricity.


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