Monarch in Ogun State promises to help twins if parents reconcile

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A monarch in Ogun State has promised to help the two abandoned babies in the Somolu area of Lagos State and their family if the parents would bury their differences.
The monarch, who asked not to be identified, urged the Ademolas to come together to take care of the twins, saying it was in their interest.

This is just as the twins’ father, Adeyemi, said he was not opposed to a reconciliation, but wanted his second wife, Sarah, to “suffer” for abandoning the babies when they were barely two weeks old.
PUNCH Metro had reported that Sarah was rushed to Felken Maternity Centre on Awofodu Street, Somolu, where she was delivered of a set of two girls on December 3, 2016.
The centre was reported to have billed the family N300,000 which they could not raise.
After paying an initial sum of N90,000, Sarah was said to have fled the hospital on December 16, leaving behind the babies.
Adeyemi had told our correspondent that he had to empty his account to pay additional N60,000, making the money N150,000.
He had disowned his wife and said he was not interested in her whereabouts.
Our correspondent reported that after Sarah left the facility, Adeyemi’s first wife, Abimbola, went to Felken to nurse the babies.
After the report hit the newsstand, Nigerians from different parts of the country indicated interest in paying the balance of N150,000.
One non-governmental organisation, which arrived early at the hospital on Thursday, settled the bill, while a Lagos Senator, Gbenga Ashafa, donated N100,000 to the babies.
Our correspondent had also got calls from Nigerians both home and abroad, who indicated interest in raising funds for the welfare of the babies.
One of such was the monarch, who said he would help the babies if their parents could come together.
He said, “I read the touching report of the abandoned twins like other Nigerians and I decided to settle the bill, but I was told it had been paid.
“But I believe there are other ways of helping the family. What I, however, think is important is that the parents must let go of their differences. Those babies would have been missing their mother and no matter what the woman might have done, she needs to be around them to breastfeed them. There is nobody that can play that role for them, but their mother. I want to urge the man to forgive his wife.”
When contacted, Adeyemi said his family had decided to let Sarah realise her error first.
He said, “How wicked can a woman be to have left her babies and run away? It is not true that the hospital didn’t attend to her as she is claiming. There were other patients in that hospital and they had no reason not to treat her. If she was ill like she claimed, how come she suddenly recovered and is now asking for the babies?

“I believe that there are some people pushing her. I have been getting calls from some of her friends, telling me to release the babies to their mother. They believe we have made a lot of money.

“She does not really care about the babies. I don’t want her to know where the babies are. They need to be protected from her. My family has said we should not just allow her to return without feeling the pains that she had done something wrong.

“Except Senator Ashafa, no other person has given the twins anything. And we need money. I just lost my job because I decided to take a break to take my babies at the police station.”

Adeyemi confirmed to our correspondent that the monarch had reached out to his family, saying the matter was being considered.
Sarah told PUNCH Metro she had returned from Agbowa, her parents’ hometown, to the Somolu area.


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