Man Who Made Sex Tape With Girlfriend Found Dead, Brother Lays Curse On Killers.

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A man has laid a curse on the killers of his brother who was found dead three weeks after he was declared missing. He said his brother’s killers will never know peace until they confess.

Jojo Sibeko from extension 12 in Soshanguve, north of Tshwane, South Africa, revealed that his brother’s body was found rotting in the bush not far from their home by one of their neighbours. He had two bullet wounds in his chest.

The family said when the deceased named George left, he said he was going to meet his girlfriend, but he never returned.

Both his phones were off.

“We called the girlfriend and she said she was with him and had given him R1 000. But when we arrived at the police station, she changed her story and said she had given George R20 000. It was shocking and suspicious,” said Jojo.

“They had apparently made a sex video and according to his friends, George used it to blackmail her.”

Jojo said the girlfriend hasn’t come to their house or called them since they found George.

“She was like family to us and she should have been here a long time ago.”

Jojo said he went to consult a native doctor after they found George. He said they did a ritual, using George’s teeth, at the place where he was killed.

“The native doctor said the killers will suffer. They are going to come to us and confess what they did. The sangoma said George’s spirit will fight with them and they will never rest. What was done to my brother was evil and we cannot just leave it like that,” he said.

Police spokesman Constable Matsobane Mabusela said a case of murder was opened.

“No one has been arrested yet but investigations are underway,” he said.




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