‘I Help Families’: Sex Worker Says Sleeping With Married Men Is A ‘Service’ To Wives

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A mother-of-two has revealed that she pays her bills and supports her family by selling her body to men willing to pay. She said sleeping with married men is a ‘service’ to their wives.

Read the report below via Mirror Online.

Her story is one of the powerful narratives that make up 5Star documentary, Sex On The Streets.

Journalist Storm Huntley speaks to a high class call girl operating from her home in south London, a sex worker who has been brutally attacked and finds out what it’s really like to sell your body on the streets.

But one mum-of-two, who admits she has several married clients, insists sex work does not end marriages – and can have the opposite impact.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “I help families and keep them together. “I do worry about the pain I cause but I find if a husband is using escorts then it’s better than if he meets another woman and develops feelings. “This is just sex and just physical.”

The mum reveals how she came to be working in the sex industry, where she can meet with up to three clients in a single day.

She said: “After I had my two children I was left in a lot of debt. A friend did this and she suggested I should try it and I’ve never looked back.”

The mum only has men in her home when the children are not around, has a very strict set of rules for her clients and always practises safe sex.


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