Dog Contesting as a Governor in the US, Gets banned with its Owner (photos)

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Kansas election officials on Tuesday barred a dog from running for governor, saying such a candidate would be disqualified even if there are no actual state laws prohibiting the animal from running.

Terran Woolley, the dog’s owner, used the state’s oversight to file the paperwork that would allow his 3-year-old wire-haired Visla named Angus P. Woolley to run.
“I thought, ‘Hey, why not Angus? He’s a good dog, he’s smart. And I think he could provide better leadership than what we’ve had the last seven years in our state,’ ” Woolley said
Angus’ proposed bid never left the ground.
Bryan Caskey, director of elections for the Kansas secretary of state’s office, told The Kansas City Star on Tuesday that “there’s several laws that reference that the governor has to be an individual or a person, and so we are relying on that, and if a dog comes in to file for office, we will not allow that.”


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