DATA HARVESTING: Facebook’s Zuckerberg set to face American Congress

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Embattled Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is in Washington this week to testify before Congress.

His appearance marks the first time the 33-year-old has himself appeared personally to answer questions about his company.

He is expected to field questions about how Facebook handled personal data.


Zuckerberg’s appearance is coming a day after whistleblower, Christopher Wylie revealed that data harvested by Cambridge Analytica is more than the 87 million quoted by Facebook and could be stored in Russia.

The ex-employee of Cambridge Analytica who was speaking with NBC’s Chuck Todd during a “Meet the Press” segment Sunday said; “Information was accessed by Cambridge Analytica could be higher, absolutely, than the 87 million users acknowledged by Facebook”.

Wylie added that his lawyer has been contacted by US authorities, including congressional investigators and the Department of Justice, and says he plans to cooperate with them.



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