3 Corrupt Police Officers Arrested After Demanding For Bribe In South Africa.

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    The Johannesburg Metro Police Department arrested three corrupt officers on Thursday. Two female officers and one male officer were arrested at the JMPD’s internal offices in Wemmer, and they were taken to the Hillbrow Police station, South Africa.

    JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said the officers were arrested after they demanded a R20 000 bribe from a foreign shop owner.

    The shop owner reportedly paid the officers R5000 and agreed to pay the officers the rest later.

    Following that the owner laid a complaint with JMPD’s internal affairs about the incident of the 2nd of January.

    Minnaar said that all 3 officers have been served with notices of intention of suspension.

    “The other three officers are still on leave and they will be arrested as soon as they come back.

    The owner of the shop is reportedly under investigation for corrupt activities said Minnaar.

    “The JMPD will not tolerate corruption by officers in its ranks,” Minnaar said.

    According to Minnaar 19 cases of fraud and corruption, were registered with the JMPD’s internal affairs in December, with four officers being suspended.


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